4 Fast & Important Facts About Canine Heartworms

Feeding, training, and grooming are all tasks that your dog requires, but ensuring they are physically healthy by providing them with proper medical care is also important. While some tasks are considered priorities, many dog parents forget simple medications that can prevent uncomfortable and deadly diseases. One million dogs are estimated to be positive for heartworms, but only 30 percent of these dogs will actually be diagnosed. Because of the dangers associated with this disease, proper understanding is imperative.

Does Your Dog Chase Cars? 3 Steps To Stop This Dangerous Behavior

Dogs love to chase things, including cars. In fact, with some dogs it's a matter of instinct to want to chase things. Unfortunately, chasing cars can be particularly dangerous for dogs. First, they could get hit by the car they're pursuing, or another car on the road. Second, they could run so far that they end up lost in a strange place. If your dog has been chasing cars, you need to stop the behavior as soon as possible.

Understanding Chronic Feline Kidney Disease

If you have a cat, then you may see your feline as an integral part of your family. If you care for your cat like you would your child, then you likely understand the value of investing in well health visits and looking for signs that your cat may be ill. There are several common diseases that your cat may develop that include chronic kidney disease. Keep reading to learn about this disorder, its signs, and how it can be treated.

3 Tips For Lowering Your Operating Costs Of Your Veterinary Practice

If you run and own your own veterinary practice, it is important that you keep your costs under control and your pricing at the right level in order to keep your business solvent. Here are a few tips for lowering your operating costs and ensuring that you don't end up operating in the red at the end of the year. #1 Automate Your Inventory Process If you are still using the old eye-ball it approach for keeping track of your inventory, you need to change up your approach.

3 Excellent Uses For A Veterinary Ultrasound System

There are several different pieces of equipment that a veterinarian can use to help them care for different animals. One such piece of equipment is an ultrasound machine. This article is going to discuss 3 excellent uses for a veterinary ultrasound system. Pregnant Animal One excellent use for a veterinary ultrasound is for the pregnant females. An ultrasound can allow the vet to see if your animal is in fact pregnant, how far along they are, how many fetuses are inside of them, what position the babies are in, and more.