How Exotic! Large Animals Treated By Large Animal Hospitals

In petting zoos around the country, owners accumulate large, exotic animals. Usually, the zookeepers have an on-call zoologist for large animal care, but that only applies to large zoos. Petting zoos, on the other hand, have to rely on veterinarians who have experience with large animals and are willing to treat them. Here are some of the animals commonly seen in a large animal hospital when petting zoo animals need to be seen:

Three Tips For Dog Ownership

If you own a dog and want to be sure that you're caring for them to the best of your ability, it all begins with finding the right animal hospital. When you have access to a top quality veterinarian, you're able to give your dog the health care that will keep them alive and well for years. To get started putting your dog on the right track toward health and safety, read on and consider these tips.

Five Tips For Handling The Death Of A Pet With A Toddler

The death of a pet is definitely an emotional time in one's life, but even more so when you have a toddler to care for. After all, you have to decide if it's something you want to talk about with your toddler and how you are going to handle it. Here are five tips for doing this: Explain Doggy Heaven: One of the best ways to explain where your pet has gone is explaining that there's a doggy heaven or a fish heaven or a cat heaven.

4 Fast & Important Facts About Canine Heartworms

Feeding, training, and grooming are all tasks that your dog requires, but ensuring they are physically healthy by providing them with proper medical care is also important. While some tasks are considered priorities, many dog parents forget simple medications that can prevent uncomfortable and deadly diseases. One million dogs are estimated to be positive for heartworms, but only 30 percent of these dogs will actually be diagnosed. Because of the dangers associated with this disease, proper understanding is imperative.

Does Your Dog Chase Cars? 3 Steps To Stop This Dangerous Behavior

Dogs love to chase things, including cars. In fact, with some dogs it's a matter of instinct to want to chase things. Unfortunately, chasing cars can be particularly dangerous for dogs. First, they could get hit by the car they're pursuing, or another car on the road. Second, they could run so far that they end up lost in a strange place. If your dog has been chasing cars, you need to stop the behavior as soon as possible.